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Television is an endlessly fascinating medium because it’s changing all the time. It’s incredible when you think about it – the advances in the technology we’ve seen and the huge explosion in the amount of content we can access as a TV viewer. In the emerging Networked Society, we at Ericsson envision that everything that benefits from a connection will have one – and we anticipate that by 2020 there will be at least 50 billion connected devices, 15 billion of which will offer video to users. And that’s what TV is about in today’s world – making the world a smaller place by making communication across the globe easier. People love to watch great TV, it really is that simple, and our job is to continue to make it better and better. Television is undergoing a huge transformation behind the scenes and I am so excited about continuing to be part of the changing face of the media industry as we bring connectivity and great content to the masses.

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