Worldwide, Global Web Index: Device trends

This report goes through various insights on the different devices owned by consumer all over the world and include interesting findings such as the fact that there are now no online behaviors where tablet users are more likely to turn to their tablets than their mobiles. That said, tablet users are almost as likely to be watching TV on their tablet (40%) as their mobile (47%). These devices seem more suited for purposes like watching TV and browsing the web, when a mobile screen will not suffice.

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Worldwide, VIACOM, TV Matters: Life Without TV – Deprivation project

How much do viewers value television? Viacom’s study on media consumption, TV Matters, aimed to answer this question by taking TV away from some participants. To really explore the power of television, they asked people to live without it for 5 days – meaning no pay TV or cable packages, no free-to-air broadcast channels, no TV on demand, no TV Everywhere apps, and no DVR access.

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