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ACT, EBU and egta release a special TV spot every year to illustrate the strengths of TV - the medium that is watched and loved by billions of people around the world. Don't miss the diverse video clips we've produced during the previous editions of World Television Day and have a look at the overview below.

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TV spot: 2019 edition

Global topic: Diversity of television content – great stories, available when and where they want, on a multitude of TV platforms, triggering their curiosity, interest and loyalty.

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egta, ACT & EBU 2019 © All rights reserved | Production company & agency: Trias Germany

Footage obtained through the gracious assistance of AMC Networks, EBU, IKEA, Channel4, ITV, Viacom, UNRIC, Sky Media UK and HBO.

TV touches countless viewers around the world – millions of entertaining, inspiring and informative stories, just waiting to be discovered, changing the viewers’ perception of the world. This is why this year’s edition focuses on the diversity of television content – great stories, available when and where they want, on a multitude of TV platforms, triggering their curiosity, interest and loyalty.

The topic of diversity also underlines the larger societal topic increasingly featured in TV programmes and advertising campaigns. In this broader meaning, with a range scope of diverse content, TV plays a powerful role as a force for good and contributes to a democratic society.

TV spot: 2018 edition

egta, ACT & EBU 2018 © All rights reserved | Production company & agency: Trias Germany

Global topic: TV as the source of quality content that informs, educates, inspires and brings people together.

The topic of the 22nd edition of this global celebration was quality content. The outstanding quality of TV programmes is reflected in how this proven medium has the unmatched capacity to entertain, inspire and inform viewers, across all platforms.

2017 edition

egta, ACT & EBU 2017 © All rights reserved | Production company & agency: Trias Germany

Global topic: In TV we trust.

The trustworthiness of television plays a central part in our daily lives as it keeps viewers up to date on what is going on at home and abroad and brings the world’s attention to what matters. Editorial responsibility, truthful reporting, top quality content, the safest environment and the reliable, independent measurement system are the DNA of TV. This makes it a unique medium for world-class content and a fully brand-safe environment… no matter on which device.

2016 edition

egta, ACT & EBU 2016 © All rights reserved | Production company & agency: Trias Germany. Sources for the figures used in the clip (please click here)

Global topic: What is TV?

Television has impressively broken its historical linear chains, its one-way signal and its living-room constraints. TV is on all screens: it now means “Total Vision” or “Total Video”. Broadcasters play an indispensable role in the functioning of democracies and contribute to the cohesion of society. They drive investment in the production of high quality original European TV content. From news and documentaries through to drama, children’s programming and family entertainment, our goal is to produce ground breaking content to push the boundaries of creativity, originality and the very best entertainment has to offer. Despite the many choices consumers now have television remains the dominant medium with more and more of us watching across all platforms. Global figures clearily show the immense popularity of TV.

2015 edition

egta, ACT & EBU 2015 © All rights reserved | Video created by: Jeroen Depraetere, Dirk Van De Catsyne & Benjamin Demulder

Global topic: A new generation, a new way to ♥ TV

The focus of the 2015 edition is young viewers, as this is a universal point of interest for broadcasters and advertisers alike. Whilst some claim that TV is losing young viewers, the industry is very aware that this is to a great extent related to the way the medium is measured, as TV is consumed on an increasingly diverse range of platforms every day. The role TV plays in the life of this target group is unquestionable. TV is simply taking a new form and its content is now being watched on many devices…. But it all remains TV!

2014 edition

egta, ACT & EBU 2014 © All rights reserved   |   Production company & agency: Trias Germany

Global topic: World TV Day celebrates TV’s ‘best moments’.

The clip features entertainment, news, culture, sport and drama highlights and urges viewers to nominate their best TV moment using the social media hash tags #WeloveTV and #WorldTVDay.

2013 edition

egta, ACT & EBU 2013 © All rights reserved   |   Production company & agency: SugarRay Germany

Global topic: The capacity of television to engage all audiences.

Television helps bring the world to people’s lives and living rooms. Through quality programming, TV sheds light on global issues and opens windows of understanding on the struggles and hopes of communities and families everywhere.

2012 edition

In 2012, for the first time, European trade associations took the opportunity of World Television Day, declared by the United Nations in 1996, to reflect on the values of television as a medium and highlight the role of TV in communicating on key transnational issues, its relevance to the world economy and its contribution to social and cultural development through testimonials and first-hand accounts on a dedicated website.

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