Czech Republic, CVVM: Trust in selected public institutions

The biannual research by the Public Opinion Research Center (CVVM) tracks the level of trust in traditional media as well as public institutions. According to the latest data the trust in traditional media was on the rise in 2017 after a period of decline (TV rose by 5% and radio by 4% compared to 2016). The trust in traditional media was more frequently expressed among young people (below 30).

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Worldwide, VIACOM, TV Matters: Life Without TV – Deprivation project

How much do viewers value television? Viacom’s study on media consumption, TV Matters, aimed to answer this question by taking TV away from some participants. To really explore the power of television, they asked people to live without it for 5 days – meaning no pay TV or cable packages, no free-to-air broadcast channels, no TV on demand, no TV Everywhere apps, and no DVR access.

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US, IAB: Cross-media advertising effectiveness

The research features insightful figures and three case studies from Research Now on Retail, Finance and Media, each of which involved a mix of digital and traditional media. One of the key learnings is that a media plan that includes digital executed simultaneously with traditional offline media consistently drives greater lift.

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