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Global figures underline the power of television advertising.

‘The Global TV Deck’ is a new resource for advertisers.

On the occasion of World Television Day, TV broadcasters and trade bodies from around the world have joined together for the first time to release global figures demonstrating TV’s resilience and strength as an advertising medium, with the recently formed Global TV Group a new unified voice for TV.

‘The Global TV Deck’ features figures from an initial 19 countries; a sample with the figures featured below is available to download for free . It is designed to meet the needs of advertisers who are eager for transparent, reliable data and fresh insights. Major players in the TV industry are exchanging data and technical expertise to create this valuable databank for advertisers and remind them of the continuing importance of TV. It will be updated annually with fresh data.

Areas covered in the new global databank include TV’s reach, popularity, resilience, trust and impact, and effectiveness:

Reach: Based on the compiled data, TV reaches approximately 70% of a country’s population a day, 90% in a week and nearly everyone in a month. It is the unique combination of this reach together with the huge volume of time spent watching TV that makes it such a powerful form of advertising. For example:

  • In Finland, television reaches 97% of the population within a month.
  • An average broadcast TV campaign (400 GRP) in Brazil gets 797 million views.

Popularity:  TV, in all its forms, is the world’s favourite video. On average, based on the available data, TV accounts for 90% of the average viewer’s video time. For the younger millennial audience, who are the most enthusiastic experimenters with all forms of video, it is also the largest proportion of their video time at around 73% of the total. For example:

  • In the Netherlands, TV accounts for 94,4% of all video time for the total population.
  • In Ireland, TV accounts for 69,4% of all video time for 15-34-year-olds.

Resilience: Over the past decade, TV has proven remarkably resilient in an era of immense disruption. Despite the emergence of new SVOD services such as Netflix and the arrival of online video platforms such as YouTube, TV consumption has remained steadfast around the globe. Life stage also continues to be a significant driver of TV viewing. For example:

  • In Spain, the average amount of time sent watching TV on a TV set has increased in the last decade from 3h39 a day in 2006 to 3h51 in 2016.
  • So-called millennials TV viewing increases as they get older and have kids. In Italy, 16-24s watch 2h13 a day; 25-34s watch 2h38; and 25-34-year olds with children watch 3h23.

Trust and impact: TV is the most trusted form of advertising and remains most likely to make consumers laugh, move them to tears or trigger emotions. For example:

  • TV is by far the most trusted form of advertising in Canada. 36% of adults named TV the most trustworthy advertising compared to 10% for internet advertising.
  • In the UK, 58% stated television is where they are most likely to find advertising that makes them feel emotional in comparison to 9% for social media and 6% for newspapers.

Effectiveness: Advertisers invest in TV advertising because it works. Studies around the world demonstrate TV’s many effects – and the positive impact it has on other media. For example:

  • In Australia, on average TV campaign achieves sales revenues (ROI) of $ 1,70 per $ 1 invested by FMCG companies.
  • In Belgium, TV generates almost three times the brand recall of YouTube (42% vs 15%).
  • In the US, disruptor brands such as Airbnb and Fitbit saw an immediate significant lift in website visits once their first TV campaign launched (figures from 13 brands feature a lift, ranging from 11% to 1 075%).
  • In France, the traffic of an advertiser’s website during a TV campaign increases by 44%.
  • In the UK, adding TV to a campaign generates a 40% increase in effectiveness.
  • German research has shown that, when added to a radio, outdoor or magazine campaign, TV boosts the ROI by +222%, +123% and +112% respectively.

 “It has been very inspiring to see the openness with which major players in the TV industry have come together to share their profound expertise and fresh insights on TV’s strengths.  In today’s complex media landscape, it seems essential for TV to deliver accurate data and proven efficiency for advertisers and agencies on a global scale. The whole is clearly greater than the sum of its parts, and egta – on behalf of the Global TV Group – is very proud to bring 19 markets together to highlight the power of television.”
— Fabrice Mollier, President egta & President TF1 Distribution

“The meaningful insights gathered from 19 different countries around the globe provide us with a look beyond our own boundaries. We’re thrilled that this first-time compilation of figures allow us to bridge the gap between markets, as the globalisation of our business is a reality now, and it confirms across generations and continents that the effectiveness of television is a worldwide reality.”
— Jean Mongeau, General Manager & Chief Revenue Officer, CBC&Radio-Canada Media Solutions

“Without data, you only have opinions. The vast amount of industry-audited data and transparent figures will allow us to dig deeper than ever before and turn data into valuable insights. This new compilation of relevant research and qualitative data will equip our industry with much-needed insights on where to invest for efficient advertising.”
— Christian Kurz, SVP Global Consumer Insights Viacom