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2023 – Total TV & Video consumption 

The strength of Total TV is evident through compelling data on video consumption from 18 countries, collected by egta and the Global TV Group. The figures reveal that TV continues to captivate attention across various platforms, including linear, playback, and streaming. Despite the rise of digital alternatives, traditional television remains a force, drawing viewers with its diverse content offerings.

Download the figures on video consumption in 18 countries here

2021 UPDATE – direct-to-consumer brands around the world embrace TV

The Global TV Group has released a new update of its Global TV Deck, which showcases how direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands around the world embrace TV.

The compendium shows how, from 2015 to 2020, the total TV spend more than doubled for direct-to-consumer brands. The collected data also reflects that FAAAM – which stands for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google's parent) and Microsoft – recognise TV as a valuable means of driving growth and use it more than ever to communicate.

Download the 2021 slide deck on D2C and FAAAM

As the giants branch out to other media, multiscreen TV provides them with the unmatched scale needed to grow their customer base. Updated figures from 27 markets, also gathered by The Global TV Group, demonstrate TV is particularly good at providing mass reach.

Download figures on reach

2021 – TV drives business outcomes

The compendium gathers research summaries from various countries and covers critical studies such as “The Halo Effect: TV As A Growth Engine” (VAB/Effectv), “Not All Reach is Equal” (Screenforce DACH/Karen Nelson-Field), “TV Drives Advertising Effectiveness that Lasts” (Accenture/thinktv Canada), “Profitability: The Business Case for Advertising” (Thinkbox/Ebiquity/Gain Theory) – and more.

This research collection is indispensable for marketers seeking to make the most informed decisions regarding their ad investments – illustrating how TV drives business outcomes and provides them with the best leverage for their marketing activities.

Download the extensive update here:

Download the extensive update here

2020 edition of the Global TV Deck

TV broadcasters and trade bodies from around the world joined forces in 2020 to release the third edition of The Global TV Deck with figures demonstrating TV’s resilience and strength as an advertising medium.

The Global TV Deck features figures from over 26 countries across the globe. It is designed to meet the needs of advertisers who are eager for transparent, reliable data and fresh insights.

Download the full deck here:

Download the 2020 edition