The Global TV Group’s TV Glossary

The Global TV Group is proud to present its TV Glossary

An overview of definitions from the TV ecosystem

If you’re working in the exhilarating world of advertising, media or TV, chances are you’ve found yourself knee-deep in acronyms and fuzzy lingo, trying to make sense of what is being said, at least once.

Given the speed of change in our industry, keeping up with the dizzying advances in technology – let alone the sector-specific jargon - can be quite challenging and the need for a common language has never been more apparent.

The aim of this glossary is to provide you with an extensive overview of frequently used international terminology in our TV ecosystem - offering a clear explanation for each of them – and making it easier for you to understand, sell and buy television advertising.

We hope this overview will be your trusted guide as you traverse the bewildering world of television and beyond. You can only walk the walk, if you talk the talk.

We wish you plenty of reading pleasure.