The Global TV Group supports egta’s Industry Charter outlining key priorities for the continued success of multiplatform TV

The Global TV Group (GTVG) proudly joins the World Radio Alliance and multiplatform TV and audio businesses worldwide in endorsing egta’s Industry Charter. This newly-launched charter embodies the shared ambition and collective commitments of more than 180 media companies, including over 100 multiplatform TV businesses.

This landmark document sets out a visionary roadmap for the continued success and evolution of multiplatform TV in today’s ever-changing media landscape. It focuses on the following five key priorities:

  1. Creating Quality Experiences – Ensuring exceptional content and viewer engagement
  2. Improving Measurement – Enhancing the accuracy and reliability of audience measurement
  3. Optimising Buying Processes – Streamlining and innovating how multiplatform TV is booked
  4. Proving Impact & Effectiveness – Demonstrating the value and effectiveness of TV and video advertising
  5. Promoting & Participating in Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) – Committing to sustainability and social responsibility initiatives

By supporting this charter, the GTVG aligns with egta and its members, inviting all industry partners who share these values and ambitions to join this transformative journey. Through unified efforts around these priorities, we aim to foster collaboration that drives long-term growth and sustainability for the TV and wider media industry.

Download egta Charter