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On 21 November, TV companies around the globe celebrate World TV Day to remind us all of the power of TV. As part of the annual United Nations initiative, a 30-second spot will be broadcast on TV and shared online to mark the occasion.

The focus of the 27th edition of World TV Day is accessibility and TV’s commitment to being accessible to all. While Total TV is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device, it should be equally accessible to anybody, irrespective of one’s vision or hearing ability. This commitment to greater inclusion and accessibility is necessary not only for TV programming content but for TV advertising content too.

According to the World Health Organisation, almost 20% of the global population live with hearing loss and at least 29% have a near or distance vision impairment.

World Television Day represents a significant opportunity to raise awareness about social inclusion and demonstrate both TV companies’ and advertisers’ contribution / commitment to a more accessible media landscape, in which everyone has equal access to the same services, experiences, information and entertainment.

The advertising and media industry have the power and the obligation to let all people access content, including the advertising that shapes their choices – it is time we join forces for growth and for good” expresses Taide Guajardo, Chief Brand Officer Europe, P&G

TV has the power to shape society for the better. TV broadcasters have a unique opportunity to include those audiences that have traditionally been excluded. By widening access to not only content but advertising too, we can make sure that TV continues to be a medium that is truly for everybody. As a trade body, egta will play its part in facilitating this positive change by supporting TV companies as they embark on this journey towards a more inclusive and more accessible media industry” asserts Katty Roberfroid, Director General, egta.

Television has always been an important tool to raise awareness about the issues facing our communities and our planet. On World TV Day, we celebrate the role of television in uniting our global community. We welcome the focus this year on the importance of making television accessible to all. Accessibility is the key to ensuring that television can educate and connect everyone, leaving no one behind” says Sherri Aldis, Director, UNRIC

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The Global TV Group is a grouping of broadcasters’ and sales houses’ trade bodies in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and Latin America, whose joint objective is to promote television and remind advertisers, journalists, agencies and industry peers about the effectiveness and popularity of TV.


The European commercial broadcasting sector is a major success story. We entertain and inform hundreds of millions of EU citizens each day via thousands of channels available across Europe. The Association of Commercial Television in Europe represents the interests of 29 leading commercial broadcasters across Europe. The ACT member companies finance, produce, promote and distribute content and services benefiting millions of Europeans across all platforms.  At ACT we believe that the healthy and sustainable commercial broadcasting sector has an important role to play in the European economy, society and culture.

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egta is the association representing television and radio sales houses, either independent from the channel or in-house, that markets the advertising space of both private and public television and radio stations throughout Europe and beyond. egta fulfils different functions for its members in fields of activities as diversified as regulatory issues, audience measurement, sales methods, interactivity, cross-media, technical standards, new media, etc. During its more than 40 years of existence, egta has become the reference centre for television and radio advertising in Europe. egta counts more than 160 members operating across 43 countries.


The Brussels-based United Nations Regional Information Centre for Europe – UNRIC – provides information on UN activities to 22 countries and is active on social media and websites in 13 languages. It acts as the European communication office of the United Nations and it aims to engage and inform European citizens about global issues. It also liaises with institutions of the European Union in the field of information. Its outreach activities, joint public information campaigns and events are organized with partners including the EU, governments, the media, NGOs, the creative community, and local authorities.