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It is a fact that I owe my early fame as a musician – that is to say, as a classically-trained pianist and composer – to television. It is also by making television programmes that, several years onwards, I was able to draw the general public’s attention to classical music. With the success of my TV shows – some 150 to date – I’ve become a national voice of the Portuguese people, from high society to the lower orders and everyone in between. That said, and much to my sorrow, I do not believe that my shows, despite my continually promoting their educational merits, have contributed to greater availability of classical music, as the Portuguese have no access to this particular music. Even though 99% of the Portuguese refer to me as ‘Maestro’, they have no real knowledge of classical music, the reason being that it is deprived of public exposure. The onslaught of mainstream music, relentlessly forcing its way through every communication platform, means that wide distribution of classical music is virtually impossible. As such, it is my belief that 99% of the people who cross me in the street or otherwise actually think I am an archaeologist, as they are oblivious to the very existence of classical music.

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