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Until quite recently, sliding sports were not so well known by people at large, while it represented a passion for many young people. I believe that thanks to television, we were able to bring rollerblading and other ramp sports into people’s living rooms, by broadcasting spectacular shows and promoting the values of sport: healthy lifestyle, perseverance, team spirit, fair play, overcoming your own limitations, a sense of responsibility, striving to achieve goals for yourself and the community. Beating records in live shows and participating or hosting sports programmes was the best way for me to share my passion and bring the spirit of rollerblading to millions of youngsters out there, looking for inspiration and role models. Without the power of television, I couldn’t have jumped from the Eifel Tower in rollerblades, reaching live more than 1 million people on what is usually a French niche-channel (W9), but also aired live on 167 other channels across the world. Shows like Extreme Adventure, of which I am the host now, is a great example of how television can widen your horizon by mixing culture and adrenaline.

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